City of Gold Coast’s Long-Awaited Return to Residential Bulk Kerbside Collection

And it's an Australian First!

Handel Group, an Australian First disruptor to the waste industry, has won an initial 12-month contract with the City of Gold Coast to deliver their technology led model to selected districts, commencing on the 1st of February, 2020.

“Unlike the majority of existing bulk kerbside services, set to a schedule with all waste dumped on the footpath, FLEXiSKiP by handel: provides a completely on-demand “skip” service at a time convenient to the resident.” Said Handel Group CEO, Steve Rohloff. Steve continued “but we’re not just a convenient solution, we also are striving for 100% landfill diversion and providing genuine long-term social and environmental outcomes.”

Using the FLEXiSKiP model, waste is collected whole, ensuring maximum upcycling and recycling. Residents of the City of Gold Coast will be able to access the upcycled items via the Reedy Creek Community Waste and Recycling Centre, run by the Endeavour Foundation. Items which are unable to be upcycled will be recycled to maximise landfill diversion. Handel Group uses only local Supply Partners for FLEXiSKiP collections, guaranteeing that every City of Gold Coast Bulk Kerbside Collection, is supporting a local business owner.

In this Australian first, City of Gold Coast residents will be able to book their service by Handel Group’s App, a purpose-built platform enabling complete transparency of all waste collected. FLEXiSKiP’s are fitted with a QR-Code, providing full traceability from dispatch to disposal, including its weight, which enables analytics currently not available for bulk kerbside collections. “We will deliver real-time reporting and data for Council to oversee this contract, in addition to, the environmental benefits of upwards of 85% landfill diversion.” Steve Rohloff, Handel Group CEO


Handel Group’s Vision in 60 Seconds