Due to unprecedented demand for the FLEXiSKiP Bulk Kerbside Collection service and an unforeseen global supply chain breakdown caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19) there is currently a delay in deliveries of up to 4 weeks. Eligible residents can still apply for a FLEXiSKiP but will be waiting up to 4 weeks the delivery.

Bulk Kerbside Collection service currently on trial with eligible City of Gold Coast residents

Bulk Kerbside Collection service currently on trial with eligible City of Gold Coast residents

Eligible City of Gold Coast residents can now access an on-demand Bulk Kerbside Collection service through FLEXiSKiP, an authorised partner of City of Gold Coast. If you are an eligible resident you can order your FLEXiSKiP and collection on your own terms, when you are ready to complete your kerbside clean-up during the trial period. Requesting a FLEXiSKiP is easy.

Order your “skip” by clicking the blue button below or by phoning 1300 887 842.

If you are an eligible resident your skip will arrive in a small box to your property within 2 business days.

Unpack your box and place your skip within 4 metres of the street kerb or driveway and must be within your property boundary. Remember to make sure there are no obstructions like powerlines, trees, driveways and cars as this will prevent collection. Your FLEXiSKiP must also not obstruct a public footpath.

Now you’re ready to fill your skip (which is a 3 cubic metre purpose built bag with a 1 tonne capacity) with acceptable waste items from around the home. 

When you’re done, download the FLEXiSKiP by Handel app to your smart phone and scan the QR code on the bag. This will send an alert that you are ready to have your bag collected.

Your skip of bulky items will then be collected within 3 business days.

Don’t have a smart phone? No problem, call the FLEXiSKiP call centre on 1300 887 842 or book your collection using the black button below.

Most properties in Divisions 8 to 14 that receive a City wheelie bin collection service will be eligible for the service in this trial period.

Historically, the City of Gold Coast Bulk Kerbside Collection program has been provided to eligible residents every two years. Divisions 1-7 were the last to receive the Bulky Kerbside Collection in 2018-19, therefore Divisions 8-14 are to participate in the trial in 2019-20.

As per previous model, some residences from the eligible Divisions will not be eligible for bulky kerbside collection. This includes:

  • High rise and unit complexes with existing bulk bin service.
  • Any complex with 10 or more units (this is because the number of items generated from larger unit or townhouse complexes, and the available kerbside frontage.
  • Rural areas that do not have a City provided waste collection service.
  • Hope Island and Sanctuary Cove resort complexes  which are serviced by a private waste services contractor.

The City and FLEXiSKiP by handel: are currently undertaking a trial of this service. Consequently the number of suburbs being offered the service at this time is limited to ensure the best chance of creating a program that meets the needs of the whole city. Results from the 2020 trial will assist the City in identifying opportunities for this service in future years. The City will continue to explore ways to safely and consistently expand out kerbside collection service to customers who are ineligible at this time.

Enter Your Collection Details





Although we’d love to help you clear away everything, we unfortunately can’t due to certain types of waste being prohibited by law.

Below is a quick snapshot of what we can and can’t take. For a detailed list of allowed and non-allowed waste items, click here.



A good guideline on what cannot be put in a skip is that if it’s hazardous or harmful, you can’t throw it away. Some items may not be obvious, such as batteries, that’s why we’ve pulled together a list of items you can’t throw away in a skip bin or bag.


Food organics

Any type of food organics (likely to decay, spoil or putrefy) waste are not allowed.



Batteries and mobile phones (car batteries accepted).




Items such as paint, oils, solvents, poisons, chemicals  and concrete.



This includes asbestos, insulation, empty chemical containers, fibro sheets and tyres.

FLEXiSKiP is a practical and tough disposable skip bag. 

Perfect for removing household, garden, commercial and construction waste, FLEXiSKiP’s are an affordable and convenient solution to a steel skip bin.

We currently have one size FLEXiSKiP available for the City of Gold Coast Bulk Kerbside Trial Program:

FLEXiSKiP 3m3 
2200mm (L) x 1400mm (W) x 1000mm (H)

When you order before 3pm your FLEXiSKiP’s will arrive within two business days.

A detailed list of allowed and non-allowed waste can be found above.

Also available with every FLEXiSKiP purchase is an Instructional Flyer which details a list of allowable and non-allowed waste items. 

During the Bulk Kerbside Collection trial, we encourage all eligible residents to book their collection within 30 days of ordering their FLEXiSKiP.

Heavy waste are materials and items like soil, bricks, large pieces of furniture, tiles etc. whereas light waste refers to your general household and commercial items like boxes, garden clippings, small furniture and appliances. 

Your FLEXiSKiP must be placed within four (4) metres of the street kerb or driveway and must be within your property boundary.

Remember to also make sure there are no obstructions like powerlines, trees, driveways and cars. 

Our truck requires nine (9) metres of height to safely collect your bin.

Remember to get all your rubbish in the bin, not all around it. Do not overfill and do not attempt to move your FLEXiSKiP once it is full, as this could lead to personal injury.

When full, open our FLEXiSKiP by handel: App and on the home screen select ‘Scan to Collect’. Then simply scan the QR code, located in the sleeve on your FLEXiSKiP, for collection.

Don’t have a smart phone? You can book a collection at the top of this page or call 1300 887 842

Our FLEXiSKiP’s are built tough but, we don’t want you filling them so they are bursting at the seams. 

If the two long straps can touch each other then you’re good to go but, if not, you might need to order a buddy. Charges may apply to overweight FLEXiSKiP’s.

Don’t worry. Our delivery partners will leave your FLEXiSKiP in a safe location.

Alternatively, you can just leave a ‘Delivery note’ in the comments when booking.

City of Gold Coast & FLEXiSKiP are committed to recycling and upcycling as much waste as possible. FLEXiSKiP are establishing a Resource Recovery (re:Trade) facility on the Gold Coast to pick, sort and recycle all Bulk Kerbside items. It is estimated that we will achieve up to 83% landfill diversion in year 1. Some other important benefits include:

Supporting the City’s partnership with the Endeavour Foundation. Our commitment to landfill diversion will see as many items as possible sent to the Reedy Creek Waste and Recycling Centre, run by the Endeavour Foundation for potential reuse or recycling.

The Endeavour Foundation will assist in putting together the FLEXiSKiP packaging that’s delivered to your home.

3 x Endeavour workers (long-term unemployed or special requirements workers) will work within the re:Trade facility picking and sorting waste into material streams.

Want to speak to someone?

1300 887 842

Available Mon-Fri, 8am – 5pm

Email gcbulk@handel.group